Handboard world tour

My name is Reno James and I love handboarding!

I love handboarding so much that I'm ready to pay out $1,000 USD of my own money to the worlds greatest rider!

Therefore, I am proud to announce Genesis Handboards presents, the first annual

Handboard World Tour!

If that got your attention and has you wondering how can you take my money, you have came to the right place! I'm planning a global online competition for all handboarders; no matter where you live or what brand you ride, as long as it's a handboard, you can win the title of best handboarder along with my money! There will also be prizes for second and third place, respectfully.

There will be a series of events posted for each part of the tour with its own set of guidelines and rules. Nothing super complicated or demanding on the part of the contestants, but rather a guide to follow and gain victory! For now, I will be announcing and posting on Instagram using the hashtags #handboardworldtour and #takerenosmoney. I will also be updating this site as everything is pulled together.

I will not be choosing the winners. Instead, there will be judges and their identity will be announced in due course.

This is a new concept that will need some time to develop and in turn gives anyone interested on taking my money, and bragging rights, time to practice up to become the Handboard World Tour Champion. Once the date is in cement it will be an annual event that hopefully costs me more cash each year!

Bring on the G.O.A.T.

Good Luck,


P.S. Check out the Event page for rules and dates

This site will be updated regularly. Check back often as more details emerge to be ahead of the curve. Details and official rules will also be available on Instagram @genesis_handboards. If you have any questions you may contact me via email at reno@handboardworldtour.com

I'm very stoked to get this process rolling, no pun intended. I'm open to suggestions and feedback regarding the tour or any subject other than whats the best flavor of ice cream or how hard did Will Smith slap Chris Rock? haha just kidding.

H.W.T powered by Genesis Handboards

Looking for a place to get a handboard in anticipation of the tour?